A closer look at Matteo Ugolini’s Karman collection

September 28, 2015

Matteo Ugolini, who prefers not to be boxed in the category of designer, has shown an affinity to drawing and painting from a very young age.

Born in Pesaro, Italy in 1973, Ugolini describes himself as a man who just designs what he likes. He aims to excite and ignite emotions with his creations, bringing various elements from nature, poetry and even fairytales at times, into his designs.

Have a look at some of his intriguing designs, also featured in our collection.

Au revoir collection by Matteo Ugolini

Unfortunately everything comes to an end, even good times and good objects. The Au revoir collection represents that extraordinary moment fading away, captured forever in this collection.

Scrivimi by Matteo Ugolini

A distant endearment, nevertheless so charming to write down on paper … Hours and hours to find the right catchphrase to seduce her …

Pietro by Matteo Ugolini

Ugolini’s Pietro collection portrays the various links in nature and humans. Two stones linked by a thread representing not only the connection between nature’s elements, but the link between people that binds them, no matter the distance.

Crash by Matteo Ugolini

Go beyond … break an idea in two pieces and double its functionality.

Central Park by Matteo Ugolini

Ugolini’s Central Park collection brings nature into spaces where it would otherwise not be found

Alibabig by Matteo Ugolini

The Alibabig collection can be described as an evolution of the Ali and Baba collection by Ugolini. These lights are perfect both indoors and outdoors.

Dharma by Matteo Ugolini

“I’ve seen them at the theatre, several flames in one embrace. Suspended in the resounding space of a neglected, old workshop. There is one florist, just one, where a universe of colours and smells combine. I was walking through an enchanted wood and they showed me the right way. In my dreams there is a place lost in the still. Dharma is the path.” – Matteo Ugolini