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DCW Editions is a producer of objects: objects whose roots are in the past, whose use is in the present and whose vision is for the future, all of which have these three things in common.

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Product Name

La Lampe Frechin | Table lamp

La Lampe Frechin is a table and floor lamp composed of a base in black marble and anodized aluminum, and a borosilicate tube. By confronting timeless material with a poetic approach of technology, this luminaire illuminates spaces as much as it offers a sensitive experience of optic between science and magic.

Technical Details

Finishes Aluminium black
Materials Marble, glass, aluminum
Voltage IP20 LEDCLIII - LED integrated - 2700K - 12,4W
Product Name

Aaro | Pendant

The starting point of AARO was a gesture. A movement. Simon Schmitz wanted to create an as fluid motion as possible, which immediately lead him to the sphere. A sphere has so many fantastic attributes. With a sphere as a joint they are no limited directions, it has no left or right, no top or bottom. So with the sphere as the defining element of this piece, everything else “revolved“ around it. The geometry, the balance, the friction. It all comes down to the sphere, visually pointing at it. The end result is an object that seems to be moved by the wind. It revolves effortless around it’s centerpiece, like planets orbiting around each other. With AARO, inspired by Aaron’s rod, the magician Simon Schmitz makes his lamp levitate.

Technical Details

Dimensions Arm : 155 cm Base : Ø 16 cm
Materials Anodized aluminium, steel
Voltage CLI - Integrated LED - 2700 K - 4,5 W
Product Name

ISP | Table lamp

ISP is a mini-revolution in the lighting world. Aesthetically, it resembles nothing on earth. It’s not inspired by any existing lamp, nor is it a reproduction of some obscure design from a bygone era. It is a resolutely contemporary object. A jewel of a lamp that illuminates a mysterious universe. At the same time it is a mechanical jewel, one that is encased in a simple brass capsule.

Technical Details

Dimensions Total length : 55,5 cm | Total width : 8 cm | Total height : 12 cm
Materials Brass, marble, polycarbonate
Voltage CLI - Integrated LED 8W


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