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Good design has always been in ZAVA's DNA.

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Zava's recognised skills in the manufacture of metal work in the service of an ever more attentive and refined design, with an international flavor.

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Product Name

Andromeda | Pendant

Andromeda is a lamp that can produce an infinite number of formal configurations depending on how the various hexagonal diffusers/elements are ‘bent’.

Technical Details

Material Iron Aluminium
Dimensions 70 x 45 cm / 60 x 90 cm / 75 x 120 cm _ Rosone / Ceiling rose: Ø 22cm x h. 4cm
Voltage Lampholder E27 (bulb not included) {A++ -› E} Max 105W
Product Name

Rings Verticale | Pendant

Rings structures are available in different diameters. Each ring is independent and it is possible to create compositions of any shape and size,

Technical Details

Material Brass, Aluminium
Dimensions 0,6 cm x h. 3 cm / Ø: 30, 40, 50, 80, 115, 135, 145, 150, 190, 200, 250, 300, 350, 400 cm
Voltage High efficiency light source: CRI>90, 147 LED/m
Product Name

Amedeo | Table lamp

Amedea is the small sister of the iconic Amedeo lamp, one of Zava's best sellers, but now declined in the table version.

An almost iconic object in its simplicity and in the purity of its geometric volumes: the circle (the base), the cylinder (the stem) the half sphere (the lampshade).

Technical Details

Material Iron
Dimensions 20 cm x h. 31 cm
Voltage Lampholder E14 (bulb not included) {A++ -› E} Max 42W
Product Name

Nefertari | Wall light

Nefertari is a large wall lamp that follows the archetype, dream never exhausted, to have an illuminating body wandering in space.

Nefertari works with a lever system that uses its own weight to sustain itself in contrast to the wall. It is possible to move the illuminating body closer or far to the wall with a simple gesture, by sliding the stem into the sleeve.

Wall and ceiling versions available.

Technical Details

Material Brass, Iron, Aluminium
Dimensions 100 cm x h. 140 cm
Voltage Lampholder E27 (bulb not included) {A++ -› E} Max 70W


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