Corporate Solutions

Streamlight is a trailblazer when it comes to innovative lighting solutions. As a champion of great design, we employ cutting edge innovations to enhance sustainability, subsequently providing cost-savings on electricity for our clientele. 

Our environmentally friendly and cost-effective LED lighting design and supply services deliver creative, contemporary solutions led by 3 decades of experience.

Furthermore, elevating the design realm through impeccable craftsmanship and detailed design execution, Streamlight offers retrofitting options for those requiring a more contemporary touch.

We create masterpieces in all forms and applications. Our experienced and dedicated team will assist clients in all stages from ideation, to design and completion of novel lighting schemes for commercial, residential, health, hospitality and corporate lighting projects. 

Commercial & Corporate

Leveraging our pillars of design aesthetics and technical skills, Streamlight offers you complete turnkey solutions for your corporate and commercial spaces. Studies have proven that appropriate lighting has a tremendous impact on the workplace – not just on productivity, but one’s overall wellbeing. That said, we provide lighting features that are customised to the space as well as lighting technology (LED) that optimises a company’s spend on electricity, ensures moods are enhanced, and that productivity levels are at their peak.  


Strong evidence indicates that light can be extremely beneficial to hospital patients as well as staff in the healthcare setting. Appropriate lighting is crucial for hospital staff to conduct visual tasks as inadequate lighting conditions can lead to errors. Streamlight experts advise the correct lighting technology for doctors and specialists to enhance both their environments and performance levels.


We have collaborated with some of the highest-ranking hotels and luxury safari lodges across African nations such as in Kenya, Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.

Our designers and technicians understand how people emotionally and physically respond to lighting and can thereby enhance a guest’s experience when they enter a space, executing both a design and technical element to create an atmosphere that one is unlikely to forget.