Decorex: What to expect

August 13, 2019



Decorex: What to expect


Tomorrow starts the beginning of a five-day designer’s wonderland. Decorex in collaboration with 100% Design Johannesburg, held at the Gallagher Convention Centre, offers the public some insight into today’s most beautiful concepts and products expertly curated from a collection of Africa’s top designers and manufacturers. Slowly but surely, Africa is positioning itself as a global style icon, fusing the influences of international trend-makers with the unique vibrancy that characterizes its people and cultures. This year’s much-anticipated theme ‘Designing for Africa – feels like home’ encapsulates the re-birth of the African style powerhouse. With this in mind, Streamlight and DARK have created work that is not only proudly South African but is trendy, timeless and perfect for most places and spaces.


You can spot the Streamlight stand in Hall 5 at the Decorex exhibition. Expect the lighting-kings-of-the-castle to deliver once again. Featuring pieces from international brands such as Vibia and Zava, Streamlight always offers the audience an international air of elegance. Along with their show stopping chandeliers and pendants,

Streamlight is introducing the Guise by Vibia this fair. The Guise is a cylindrical pendant lamp where the light source is invisible, emanating directly from the material. This effect makes the Guise a standout piece.


Now onto Hall 1, 100% Design and what new pieces you can expect from DARK


The Tetris

As the game of Tetris goes, fit in and stick out in all the best ways. With the Tetris, you can make it your very own jigsaw puzzle. You can choose which shapes to cluster together. The skies the limit as to how to design each piece. Your specific piece will always be unique to you; no two will ever be the same. What a concept! Become your very own lighting designer.





The Labyrinth

With the interlinking metals, the Labyrinth is industrial yet retro. Perfect for so many applications. Over a dining room table, or if applied vertically, it is a show-stopping entrance-hallway piece. Lucky for you, the shapes can change according to the space. You are also able to order as many ‘block’s as you want. Making sure each piece sold is as unique as the client buying it.






The Midnight

A complete crowd pleaser. Wherever you put these lights, they work. In a contemporary environment, classic or even in a retro setting. You cannot go wrong. The Midnights are elegant and timeless and look fabulous in clusters, or as single floating bubbles. The dark tone gives this piece a richness and strength so they will not disappear amongst the clutter of your home.





The Citrus

A golden orb of beauty reminiscent of old Hollywood glam. Beautifully, blown glass. Depending on what look you’re going for, there is a golden orb or an icy orb. A chunk of golden sunshine or an ice sculpture if you will. Applications for this piece are endless. You can group them in threes, cluster them, use them individually in a small space or even over your bedside tables. The Citrus offers a breathtaking effect wherever you place them.


Be sure to set a good couple of hours out of your day to take in all the beauty and hard work of this exhibition. Remember that Streamlight will be part of the Decorex exhibition in Hall 5 and DARK is part of the 100% Design exhibition in Hall 1. Pop by and be sure to say hi!