Do’s and Don’ts of Lighting Design

September 30, 2019

When decorating a room, there are so many aspects to consider. Our attention, naturally, goes to the more significant elements such as furniture, paint and flooring. One of the essential elements of a room seems to be forgotten or left to the last minute- Lighting. Whether it is for beauty, ambience or even security, lighting is something we all should pay more attention to. Whether you have hired a lighting designer or doing it yourself here are some tips from Streamlight’s directors to help you.

Do use a mix of task, ambient and accent lighting  in every room. These are the three basic types of lighting.

Do Mix n’ Match. Focusing on one trend throughout your home can seem stagnant and boring. Have fun with different styles and trends. Meet retro and industrial or contemporary with modern.

Don’t forget to add dimmers wherever you can. Firstly, this allows you to save on your electric bill and changes the mood of a room with the simple switch of a button.

Don’t ignore the importance of light bulbs. Avoid anything too fluorescent or too yellow. If it’s too bright, that’s when the dimmer comes in handy.

Do think of your lighting as decorative accessories. Most fixtures should look just as good when they’re off as when they’re on.

Don’t forget about outdoor lighting. Your home should seep further than your four walls. Having the right outdoor lighting creates a pleasing ambience. It makes the exterior of a home more appealing and also helps with security!

Many people love to design and decorate their own home, which is obvious as it’s fun and exciting to do so. There are many pitfalls which you should always take into account. When it comes to lighting, there is so much more than meets the eye. Contact Streamlight and let their expertise guide you in the right direction.