LED Lights



Streamlight has always been at the forefront of anything lighting and design, thus it was only natural to join the LED movement. Since 1997 Streamlight has always strived to offer the client the best of the best. Whether it is the top lighting designs from around the world or simply the most energy efficient bulb. We have it all. Through the years we have travelled far and wide to make sure that the LED lights we bring in are the very best. We are proud to say that not only do we offer the top LED lights but all our top designers are all energy efficient too.


We are passionate about ‘going green’ and have a social responsibility to house brands which take this movement seriously. Over the years, LED lights have truly upped their game and have not only infiltrated the manufacturing and commercial world but the design world too. Top brands which inspire our design and décor side have all taken to the LED movement. Designers such as Vibia, Studio Italia, Ilfari and Karman are all but a few of our brands who have seamlessly incorporated LED into their impeccable designs.


The reason we love our LEDS:

  1. They are extremely energy efficient
  2. Kinder to the environment
  3. They use approximately 85% less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting.
  4. They are highly durable making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor lighting
  5. The longevity aspect of LEDs can save businesses thousands of dollars in maintenance costs not to mention operating costs from reduced electricity usage.

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