Nights out mean outdoor lights

November 30, 2015

The Atholl pool area from our portfolio

With warmer days and nights we’re drawn to spending more time outdoors. Increasingly, people desire exterior areas with high liveability – meaning outdoor spaces designed for entertaining and relaxing.

A great way of enhancing outdoor spaces, breathing new life into them and making them usable over all seasons is by illuminating the outside in beautiful ways.

It makes sense that our landscape or outdoor spaces should be just as inviting, aesthetically pleasing and expressive of our individual styles as our indoor spaces.

However, outdoor/landscape lighting has specific requirements – usually soft, unobtrusive lighting (sometimes as part of security systems); always as non-fuss as possible (no one wants to trip and fumble over unruly cords running across the garden or hanging from the patio); and it must be lovely to behold.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when trying to light outdoor spaces.

The efficient, natural fit

LED lighting is one of those top trends that just makes good sense – it’s energy efficient (score for your pockets) and highly practical for outdoors as it lasts much longer than conventional lighting (again, score for your pockets). With a greater move towards outdoor living and given the time of year, it makes sense that people want to revamp areas like garden spaces, pool areas, driveways, patios and porches. A really quick and easy way to lift the look of a space is by adding new or different lighting. And LEDs are the way to go.

The Lampe Mantis floor lamp is sleek and functional, a truly stylish addition to any space

Take a stand

Floor lamps are a decor-must, inside and out. They lend an old-world charm and functionality to spaces, and are now made with durable materials like warm metals (bronze, gold, brass and copper), which are hard metals that hold up well in all environments. They’re also quite beautiful. There are modern designs for a sleek feel.

With so many styles to choose from, you’ll definitely find the perfect floor lamps to light up your outdoors.

Suspension is key

Pendant lighting has been all the rage, and with good reason. Pendant lights are varied – some draw on inspiration from the past while others have a futuristic or contemporary feel. The bowl silhouette modelled by many pendants is quite an important decorative feature.

Wind by Vibia offers the perfect lighting solution for creating a homely space outside

It’s all about the feel

The classically styled Alba Bollards

People want authentic designs, especially for the outdoors, and it doesn’t get more authentic than fixtures made from textured glass and rubbed metal finishes.

Go big and bold

Fixtures are a decor element on their own, and many people opt for oversized, decorative fixtures that are bold and noticeable. It’s called kerb appeal, and it adds attractiveness to your home’s exterior, meaning your home is seen and appreciated even from the roadside.

Lasting lanterns

Lanterns have made their presence felt in both interior and exterior decor. Classic, attractive, versatile and often portable – what’s not to love? They can be made to match any architectural style and cater to different tastes. Outdoors they’re a must, offering just the right light in all the right places.

Do it your way

Probably the most important tip for landscape lighting is that you should do whatever you want. Imagine what you’d like that space to look like and set about creating it.

With so many options when it comes to fixtures, bulbs, styles and even controls, you can definitely bring your imagined space to life.

A spectacular view of a home and it’s beautifully lit surrounds from our Kloof portfolio