Successful holiday decor and lighting

December 10, 2015

A Moooi Christmas featuring their Random light and their Prop light floor lamp. Image courtesy of Moooi

The holidays are upon us and with Christmas just around the corner, malls have already been decked out in tinsel, Christmas decor and seats for Santa. Some stores and streets have been adorned with lighting, tinsel and Christmas trees.

And you have either tackled festive decorating head-on or are thinking about decorating your home to add some festive cheer.

No matter where you live – be it a house, flat or townhouse– there’s nothing like a splash of colour and glittering lights to get you in the spirit of Christmas. But that doesn’t mean that your interior decor and lighting need to be discarded for the duration of the festive season – there’s a way to balance both so your home looks tastefully decorated and not “festive tacky”!

Here’s how to maintain your style while having some fun kitting out your home with festive cheer.


The Pick-n-Mix-Ball light by Rothschild and Bickers is a novel and colourful way to light up interior for the festive season in a stylish way that carries beyond the festive season.


A dash of colour

We’re all fans of the traditional green, white or silver trees. And, yes, they do work well with most interior decor – they’re the safe bet. But why not add a dash of colour this year? Whether with your Christmas tree or with your interior lighting and decor – set your inner child free and indulge in colours. 

A great way to do this is by using LED Christmas lighting, which comes in an array of colours. In comparison to conventional lighting, it uses a fraction of the energy, runs cooler, is longer lasting and shines brighter.

Use in conjunction with colourful baubles and decor and you’re right on trend for Christmas 2015.

Keep it natural

Karman Christmas featuring their Life pendants. Image courtesy of Karman

The rustic theme has been popular when it comes to interior and exterior furniture and design. You don’t want Christmas decorations and lighting that clash with your design choices; rather, you want to complement them.

Use weathered, old and used items as a unique addition to some colourful displays. A piece of distressed wood, for example, could make a wonderful foundation for a colourful centrepiece.

There are plenty of lighting fixtures that have a rustic look and feel, perfect for this kind of decor theme.

Light up your space

The Louvre pendant by Evi Style is a festive, elegant touch to any room

With a huge variety of lights, lamps, candles (wax and LED) and fairy lights on the market, you will definitely find something that suits your style and living space. And a little extra lighting for the festive season can go a long way to creating a more joyful environment for yourself, your family and your guests.

Make festive lighting work for you in your space by using your downlights to create a romantic glow and offsetting this with the magical sparkle of fairy lights.

Or you could lift a space by pairing a stylish floor lamp with some colourful strip lighting to create a warm, harmonious, festive feeling in your home. The options are endless – use your imagination to create the perfect balance in your home for the holidays.


Take Christmas lighting to a whole new level with these stunning Zenza Star lights

Karman sets the mood for a romantic Christmas dinner using the Central Park pendant. Image courtesy of Karman