Trending Glass

July 1, 2019


Trending: Glass

One of the easiest (and surprisingly dramatic) ways to give your home an updated look and feel is by changing up the lighting. Lighting can make or break the look and feel of a room and simply swapping out an old lamp for a more contemporary design can instantly freshen up a space or create ambience. We have noticed a significant rise in the popularity of glass fixtures, and it’s not hard to understand why.

Glass lighting is the perfect way to add an extra layer of sophistication into your space. Whether it be with a trio of pendants from Dark or a large statement piece from Schwung, glass is here to stay. It’s incredibly versatile and can fit in or stick out in all the right ways. If your space is more contemporary, glass is the perfect element; even an industrial-like area can do with an elegant glass fixture. Glass brings a fresh feel with a classic high-end look.

With this heightened elegance in mind, we have chosen our favourite glass pieces from the Streamlight family. First off we have the famous Soap by Schwung. The Soap Chandelier is a medium-sized, modern ceiling light made entirely of solid brass with mouth blown glass globes. It is a show stopper. Regal, yet trendy, the soap has found its way into many design magazines, it’s rather apparent as to why.

From the big and bold to the delicate and dainty, Streamlight has something for everyone. DARK offers its clientele an array of glass pendants. From the Pret to the Pill and the Gocci Ball, these smaller glass pendants often make a big statement when clumped together in a stairway, by one’s bedside table or even over the dining room table. All the sophistication without breaking the bank.

A standout piece when it comes to glass fixtures is Studio Italia’s Jefferson lamp. The unique design of the Jefferson lamp refers to the music and iconic 60s style images in psychedelic artwork. The beauty of this lamp is that one can create various versions in a multitude of combinations. The glass balls offer an absolute decadence and will immediately change your space.

If there were a trend to buy into, it would be glass. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s truly timeless. So contact Streamlight if your space needs a little sprucing up.